Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening

At Stoddard's®, all knives are sharpened entirely by hand using up to 8 different stones. Because various knife manufacturers grind their blades at different angles (depending on the purpose or function of the knife), we begin the process by first identifying the appropriate sharpening angle since no one single stone, or machine, can sharpen all knives well.

Our goal is to replicate the factory's original angle of the edge. That said, if the customer has a particular preference and makes that request, we also have the expertise to modify the edge to meet that need. For more than 200 years, the most demanding chefs have entrusted Stoddard's® with their knives, both personal and professional, to be expertly sharpened. While numerous hardware stores and kitchen shops may offer a sharpening service, the work is generally done on commercial machines, with little or no differentiation among all the various knives and their unique requirements. At Stoddard's®, each and every knife is examined individually to determine just what is required to give it its original edge, and sometimes even better. Even if it's an Asian knife, cleaver, santoku, Granton-style or single-beveled sushi knife, different knives require different sharpening techniques. And yes, we can sharpen most serrated and scalloped-edged knives as well.

Besides our expert sharpening, Stoddard's® can fix most knives that have been improperly sharpened elsewhere. We also can fix most blades that are chipped, bent, or have broken tips. All knife sharpening is done on the premises at very affordable prices. We also are happy to receive knives for sharpening from across the United States. They will be handled with respect, sharpened, and then promptly shipped back to you (insured) for a reasonable shipping fee. 

Quality sharpening is as much of an art, as it is skill. At Stoddard's®, we take pride in the work we do and never take for granted the trust you have placed in us to perform up to your expectations. If we feel that your knife can't be sharpened up to our standards, you will not be charged. Furthermore, if you bring your old knife into the store, we would gladly suggest that it may be well worth sharpening, rather than recommend that you purchase a new knife.

Have Us Sharpen Your Knives

For information about the cost for this service, where and how to ship your knives to the store (if not bringing them in yourself), please call 617-244-4187 during normal store hours or simply email: