• Traditional Wet Shaving vs. Disposable Razors

    You may have heard this argument - which is less expensive: traditional wet shaving razors, or many packets of disposable razors over the course of a year?  And which is more beneficial, for skin health and a clean shave?

    This interesting article examines the monetary value of wet shaving, but perhaps more importantly, in the second half, looks at which product works - and feels - better for men's shaving.

    Read the Article here: The Benefits of Traditional Wet Shaving

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  • Knirps: They Invented it!

    Knirps, the makers of our super strong umbrellas, have been manufacturing umbrellas for 85 years in Germany.  Not only do their umbrellas feature fashion prints, fresh colors, and unsurpassed quality, but the company invented the folding umbrella!

    In 1928, innovative engineer Hans Haupt had trouble carrying both a walking stick and an umbrella, due to a war injury.  His solution was the first umbrella with a telescopic frame - the folding umbrella!  This tiny umbrella fit nicely in his pocket for rainy weather, while his other hand rested on his walking stick.  He called his small new invention his "tiny tot" - a young child - and "Knirps" means "tot" in German.

    This unique innovation launched a new era for umbrellas, for fashion, and for convenience.  Innovation continues today, as Knirps works to invent smaller and smaller "tots" - tiny umbrellas.

    The word Knirps actually means “little one” in German, and ever since the company invented the folding umbrella in 1928, it has set the worldwide standard for designing umbrellas that are not only “little,” but fashionable and durable as well.

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  • It’s Not Just a Name: Castle Forbes

    Did you know that Castle Forbes, maker of some of our favorite shaving creams and aftershave balms, actually manufactures their products at a Scottish castle?

    While the historical Scottish estate was already the site of a Forbes family home, the current Scottish castle, Castle Forbes, was built in 1815.  The castle is now occupied by the 23rd Lord Forbes and his wife Jinny, whose passion for scents and essential oils turned into a full-fledged world-reknowned business.  The former dairy building behind the castle was converted into a perfumery, where Lady Forbes and family friend Andrew French have developed and marketed their range of exclusive fragrances and shaving products for men.

    Most manufacturers – especially makers of shaving products – obtain their scents externally before using them in the manufacturing process.  It is rare and special that Castle Forbes not only makes their scents in-house (or rather, in-castle), but combines them with their own products, resulting in wonderfully scented, truly valuable shaving creams and balms.

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  • Kikuichi - the Samurai Story

    One of our favorite brands is Kikuichi, the Japanese cutlery experts.  Not only are they fantastically crafted, razor sharp, and a beautiful addition to anyone's kitchen, they have an interesting back story, dating back 700 years.

    Kikuichi knives may not be well known in the US, but the company is highly regarded in Japan, where they have been creating perfectly sharp edges for 700 years.  The same family that runs Kikuichi today started in the business of swordsmithery, forging some of the finest quality samurai swords in Japan. When Japan's Meiji revolution of modernity forbade sword making, the family tradition was forced to shift - ever so slightly - from swords to cutlery. Though their product line changed, their traditions of crafting wood and steel stayed the same, creating unique, extremely sharp cutlery blades.

    Each Kikuichi knife is a work of art, featuring hand-forged carbon steel blades and carefully detailed construction. Today's blades are widely regarded as surpassing even the most expensive custom knives in performance and quality.  We've tried them all here at Stoddards.com, and our own kitchens are stocked with Kikuichi knives. We highly recommend these beautiful knives for all your cutlery needs.

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